Editorial: Mr. Tsipras is leading us into another adventure

We are headed for a situation similar to that of December 2014, with all the entails for…

Editorial: Mr. Tsipras is leading us into another adventure | tovima.gr

We are headed for a situation similar to that of December 2014, with all the entails for the future of the country, economy and society. Tsipras’ tactic of threatening and surprising Europe and the IMF is once again having a boomerang effect, with obvious consequences on closing the review. By repeating its mistakes, the government has managed to open a front with Schäuble, the Eurogroup and the IMF.

So after exceeding revenue targets and the gifts it wanted hand out, the government could have closed the review, however it resorted to sloppiness and populism that defines it ignoring the institutions to demonstrate its so-called independence. All it managed was to make a mess and put the country into another dramatic position.

Mr. Tsipras and his ministers thought that by accusing the technocrats and IMF as foolish, they would secure the tolerance of European and popular support. They did not learn their lesson from their previous failures, nor the similar situation in December 2014 which essentially resulted in the fall of the Samaras government. They believed the welter of words on the political negotiation and were not even troubled by the mutual stance of Merkel and Schäuble.

As a result Greece is entering a new adventure with the clear threat of unpredictable and dangerous developments. They are governing with their eye on the polls and domestic developments, while ignoring how decades old balances are collapsing around us. With populism on the rise around the world and Erdogan next us trying to export his domestic crisis, the SYRIZA/Independent Greeks government is wasting away on opportunistic games and anecdotal dalliance.

They are incapable of realizing that the repeat crises will eventually shatter the glass. They are incapable of assuming their share of responsibilities and are once again trying to pass them on to the people. They are jeopardizing economic stability and the country’s future in the Europe to overcome their internal problems and reneging on the expectations they cultivated.

Greece cannot endure any further political adventurism. This dangerous game must end before it is too late. Seven years of sacrifices cannot go to waste because Mr. Tsipras cannot handle the weight of the responsibility he assumed.


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