Editorial: Last gamble…

The agitation and tension were widespread and visible to the naked eye in the…

Editorial: Last gamble… | tovima.gr

The agitation and tension were widespread and visible to the naked eye in the Parliamentary debate on corruption and vested interests.

The Prime Minister did not leave anything unaddressed for the next political leader debate.

From the scandals of Koskotas, Siemens, Kontominas and Kalogritsas, up to the submarines and Tsohatzopoulos.

A reported covering Parliament noted that it was like his last gamble in a desperate attempt to reverse the atmosphere of attrition and generalized retreat.

He preached absolute fanaticism and cultivated the absolute polarization in an effort to cover for his insufficiency and government’s inability to bring progress and creativity in any single field.

Everything – attrition, doubt and dispute – stem from this exact inability to produce and create.

The current government is distinguished for this exact inability to satisfy the Greek people’s demand for growth and new jobs.

In 2016 the Greek people want job and income, but all they get are taxes, lay offs and shut downs.

There is not a shred of creativity these days.

The Prime Minister is aware of his government’s shortcomings, just as he is aware that he does not have the strength to cover this top need of Greek society.

Instead he proposes hatred and the futile, without principles and measure, conflict. To make an impression, obviously.

The difference is that the impression, whatever that may be, is not enough to create a wave of creation and progress that the people and country really need.


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