From tiny presents to huge jeeps

From tiny presents to huge jeeps |

The trumpets are blowing, the race begins. Irrespective of who will win, the New Year will bring us deep political changes.

From the supply scandals of the Armed Forces, to the soap-opera scandal starring the nephew of New Democracy’s founder, public opinion will be have lot to consider in the new year until the end of May – when there is a good chance that we will have two, or possibly even three elections.

The coalition government appears to be seriously considering the possibility of having all three elections on the same day, with the people asked to vote for a Parliament, municipal authorities and European Parliament.

A triple election, for example, rules out the chance of the government losing in the European elections and the opposition rising up with the all the predictable consequences.

Prime Minister Samaras is carefully studying all possibilities, according to his associates. They claim that he is definitely ready for an electoral confrontation.

The Christmas and New Year’s celebration will suspend developments until mid January. Unless, of course, the developments enter the fast lane…

The most unbelievable things can happen in Greece. A little “present” lead to PASOK’s collapse, so a jeep with fake license plates could have a domino effect.

Stavros P. Psycharis

– Originally published in the Sunday print edition

Helios Kiosk