Nothing will be the same after ERT

Nothing will be the same after ERT |

As of early Wednesday morning all political party staffs have been in a war-like climate.

The Prime Minister’s associates coupled their threats of elections with wrathful references to those who “pursued his political elimination”. The message from both sides of the government partners was that “if Samaras doesn’t back down, he will be responsible for the elections”.

The war-like atmosphere carried on until the meeting begun.

Everyone knew however that the pressure from the European partners was great and the messages from Brussels and Berlin were rather clear. Elections would be a catastrophe and the cause of further suffering. This was confirmed from the official statements of EU officers and understood by the three government leaders.

That is essentially why there was a calm and cooperative atmosphere during the crucial meeting. After three and a half hours of discussions, it became clear that there is no fear of elections and that all three leaders are looking how to get out of this mess with ERT.

The government spokesperson and two political leaders did not use the word “ERT” in their statements and only referred to a new Public Radio and Television.

It appears certain that on Thursday the leaders will haggle on the number of employees who will be recruited in the new public radio and television. They will also negotiate the principles, rules and goals of the new government and establish positions and roles for the leaders.

The truth is that there is no solution yet, but the intent is clear. This will likely be the overall direction everyone will follow on Thursday.

The management of ERT still remains a problem, just as much as the political repercussions and after affects of the government’s television adventure remain unclear.

The sure thing is that the ERT crisis will haunt the country’s political class for some time.

Ultimately, nothing will be the same after ERT.

Antonis Karakousis

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