«Everything revolved around Mr. Tsohatzopoulos»

According to the testimony of Panagiotis Vlachos, the 14.7 million dollars were never returned from Drumilan to Russian off-shore firm Antey, disputing Akis Tsohatzopoulos’ defense line.

Mr. Vlachos claimed that the sum was transferred to Drumila Offset in Russia and that “there is no doubt that Zigras received the 35 million Swiss francs. There is no evidence indicating the money was returned”.

The trial was interrupted during the cross-examination of the witness Evangelos Katsanos, who rented out an apartment that was bought from Torcaso. Defendants Asterios Oikonomidis (of Arcon) and Nikolaos Zigras argued over their relationship to Tsohatzopoulos and the extent to which they acted out of self-interest.

The witness recalled gossip suggesting that the Tsohatzopoulos family was purchasing land in the neighborhood (Areti Tsohatzopoulou had bought an apartment across the street) and hat he was being pressured (by constant SDOE audits and visits from the Police) to vacate the premises after it was purchased by Torcaso.

Despite characterizing Zigras as the “general commander”, Mr. Katsanos did not hesitate to point out that “I believed that everything revolved around Mr. Tsohatzopoulos” when asked by the court president.

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