According to the ELSTAT data, the GDP in Greece was reduced by 4.1% in the first year of implementing the memorandum, from 20,481 euros in 2009 to 19,646 euros in 2010. It is expected that there will be similar drops for 2011 and 2012, since austerity policies prevailed.

According to ELSTAT the highest GDP in 2010 was documented in Attica (25,934 euros), the South Aegean (24,137 euros) and the Central Greece (18,141 euros). In contrast, the lowest GDP was noted in Epirus (13,730 euros), Western Greece (13,850 euros) and Thessaly (14,600 euros). The greatest changes were found to be in the North Aegean (6.9%), the Ionian Islands (6.8%) and Thessaly (6.5%).

Regarding the Gross Value Added (GVA), it was reduced by 5.2% in 2010, with the greatest drops noted in the peripheries of Northern Aegean (8.3%), Thessaly (7.8%), the Ionian Islands (7.5%) and Central Macedonia (6.5%). The richest peripheries were Attica (93,709 euros) and Central Macedonia (26,440 euros). The poorest periphery was Northern Aegean (2,773 euros).

Regarding the periphery participation in the creating of the GVA, Attica has the greatest percentage (48.1%), followed by Central Macedonia (13.5%), while Northern Aegean has the smallest (1.4%).