A new poll by Public Issue for television station SKAI reveals a marginal head for New Democracy over SYRIZA, for the first time in months.

When asked about voting intentions, the 29% of respondents stated their support for Antonis Samaras’ New Democracy, compared to SYRIZA’s 28.5%. The extreme right-wing Golden Dawn party has established itself in third position with a 10% share, leaving behind PASOK and Independent Greeks with 8% each, Democratic Left at 7% and the Communist Party last with a 5.5% share.

Voters also consider Antonis Samaras to be the most appropriate PM, with a 48% share, compared to Alexis Tsipras’ 24% approval rating. When voters were asked though who they thought would win an election, SYRIZA came first with 44%, leaving New Democracy in second place with 39%.