Editorial: The scandal and the trap of division

Friday, February 09, 2018
The very real Novartis scandal, and the manner in which it was treated both by the government and judicial authorities, offer no guarantees of getting to the bottom of it, but also maintain a climate of national division. That is just what the country does not need at this time.

It is irrational at a time when the country is returning to the markets and a certain normalcy, to give investors an impression of political uncertainty and instability.

At a moment when we are trying to finish the third bailout evaluation and enter the last phase before the new fiscal supervision regime, and much–awaited debt relief, it is irrational to create explosive conditions with repercussions on the economy and on relations with creditors.

If we factor in the open front of the FYROM naming issue, with the accompanying emotional charge, and open another front, given the dissatisfaction shown by a large segment of public opinion with the political system, it is obvious that the situation can spin out of control at any time.

It is beyond reason if in the next crucial months for the country’s future, political life falls into endless, futile mudslinging, inside parliament and out. The Novartis scandal, and the mismanagement of public funds in the health sector, should be cleared up. Responsibilities should be attributed whey are due, not for the government to exhibit a vengeful approach to its political opponents, but in order at long last to turn a page.

Unfortunately, experience shows that the government’s handling of the affair leaves little room for optimism. The civil war-type climate that has emerged undermines even further the effort to clean up the cesspool.

Society and citizens who are being besiege by unprecedented accusations are entitled to learn the truth, as long as it does not get lost once again in legal labyrinths, and political vendettas that conceal it.