Anti-racist groups and migrant unions have arranged to demonstrate in Piraeus today at 5pm, over the tragedy that took place near Farmakonisi. The ISAP subway station in Piraeus has been designated as the rallying point, from where the protesters will march to the Central Port Authority

According to the organizers: “the collection of bodies coincided with the hypocritical apology of the chief of the Coast Guard before the parliamentary committee, which fully covered for the men of the ‘Farmakonisi’ operation” and added that the apology “was clearly out line with the Ministry of Shipping, as the old chief was replaced a few days ago”.

Furthermore, the organizers argue that despite three official investigations being conducted simultaneously, the participation of technical experts appointed by the families of the victims has been denied, while the rescued migrants were only given a temporary 6-month postponement of their deportation as protected witnesses, instead of asylum.

The groups are also protesting “to end the illegal, deadly pushing back of refugees, to shut down the concentration camps and to end the inhumane, long-term detainment of refugees and migrants in police departments”.