Troika and Mitsotakis to discuss suspensions and dismissals

The Minister of Administrative Reform Kyriakos Mitsotakis is going to meet with the heads of the troika by tomorrow in order to discuss the current suspension and dismissal plans.

So far, the Ministry has carried out 4,000 dismissals in 2013, after agreeing upon an extension with the troika in November. This includes the 2,500 ERT employees, about 700 who face health problems and a further 300 for misconduct and submission of forged certificates.

It has not yet been clarified whether the troika will accept the inclusion of contracted employees who remain at their post due to injunction orders in the number of dismissals. About 1,600 such workers have been dismissed so far.

The goals for 2014 include 11,000 dismissals from the public sector and the Ministry is likely to include many of the suspended employees who have not been reassigned to other areas in the public sector, such as teachers and school wardens.

Additionally, the Ministry is awaiting the (delayed) completion of a public sector-wide staff review before deciding upon further dismissals from municipalities and other areas in the public sector.

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