Editorial: Bring an end to this troika business

Editorial: Bring an end to this troika business | tovima.gr

As much as the troika, as representative of our lenders, may have the right to inspect the progress of the implementation of our program, it should be just as much a given that we can’t have this perpetual quagmire of conflict and varying estimations.

More so when a constant exchange of information has taken place, meaning that that they know absolutely everything there is to know about the financial data.

It is of no help, especially for the Greek side, to prolong this procedure, to see if and when an installment will be paid out. Clearly there will always be some problems and delays in the implementation of the agreed upon measure. The point is to not exaggerate any potential deviations and above all, for the troika officers to not insist upon the worst-case scenario; especially when they have been proven wrong in their estimations many times.

Beyond the problems that may exist, it is clear that this time at least the fiscal consolidation was carried out to a far greater extent that what the troika estimated and expected. The primary surplus, beyond the estimations as to how much it actually is, is indeed a fact.

Another series of prerequisite measures are also being implemented. It would be insane for individual differences, such as the price of milk and the sale of non-prescription medication, to be used an alibi to grand negotiations to a halt and delay the payment of an installment.

We have paid enough for their delays. They should set their laments and prejudices aside and finish up with the negotiations as soon as possible and recognize the progress that has taken place and the Greek people’s sacrifices.


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