The vultures

The vultures |

The vultures that nested in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a story that will nor probably affect the elections, whenever they take place.
The scandal is timeless and affects all parties and it will be documented in history as such.
The first indication is that the names of the protagonists officially remain unknown.
Who took the money? Which specific Ministers signed and approved the decision to distribute the money?
One must be incredibly naïve to expect an answer regarding the robbery at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the name of serving a purpose, which when not suspect, are simply ridiculous.Ministers and associates wasted public money.
Aside from blowing away all the public funds though, there are also the Ministry of Finances’ secret funds, but that is a whole other story…
A recent morning news show on Mega Channel was quite revealing. Not just of the information that it brought to light, but because it revealed a whole world of vultures.
The silence of the perpetual candidate crusaders of justice is easy to explain; one of the candidate mayors (belonging to the major opposition) admitted on the same show on Mega Channel, that his program is more or less the same with that of the other candidates. It is such a difficult task, that they can’t even compose the program of the Mayor of Piraeus…
Politics without a program… when will this end?

Stavros P. Psycharis
– Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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