Kedikoglou: “Government has the will to tackle fuel smuggling”

The government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou appeared on ANT1 on Thursday morning to announce that the coalition government has the will to tackle all forms of fuel smuggling, in light of the recent police operations.

According to Mr. Kedikoglou the recent equation of the heating oil and diesel taxes out an end to smuggling and fraud via heating oil and claimed that the recent developments prove the government’s resolve in combating fuel smuggling involving maritime diesel.

About two years the government controversially equated the taxes on diesel and heating oil, which caused the price of the later to swell and almost double in price. While this measure ensured that heating oil would not be sold on anymore as diesel (as well as people being unable to afford heating during winter), it did not have any discernible effect in reducing fuel smuggling.

A report in Ta Nea highlights the failures and inefficiencies in the coalition government’s plans. In the 22 months since April 2012 when the tax equation was introduced the Ministries of Finances and Transport have neglected to ratify four critical ministerial decisions regarding fuel smuggling. The newspaper also alleged that relevant ministerial decisions that have been ratified are simply not implemented.

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