ELSTAT: Unemployment soars to 28% in November 2013

The Greek Statistics Authority ELSTAT has released its latest data regarding employment and found that the rate of unemployment in November 2013 grew to 28% since November 2012 when it was estimated to be 26.3% and October 2013, when it was estimated to be 27.7%,

ELSTAT’s published data also showed that in November 2013 there were 3,550,679 employed compared to 1,382,062 unemployed and 3,376,643 not seeking employment (students, pensioners etc).

These divs showed that there were 112,752 (3.1%) fewer employed since November 2012 and 35,726 (1%) fewer since October 2013. Furthermore, there were 78,041 (6%) more unemployed compared to November 2012 and 5,698 (0.4%) more than in October 2013.

Finally, the number of those who are not employed and not seeking employment increased by 36,448 (1.1%) since November 2012 and 6,331 (0.2%) since October 2013.

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