SYRIZA still marginally ahead of New Democracy in the polls

According to a study conducted by Public Issue in early February, opposition party SYRIZA is ahead of New Democracy in the polls, despite having suffered a minor drop compared to the divs in January.

The polls were published in the Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper and shows SYRIZA in first place with a 30% share (compared to 31.5% in January), followed by New Democracy with 28.5% (from 28%), Golden Dawn with 8.5% (from 10%), KKE with 7.5% (from 6.5%), PASOK with 7% (from 6.5%), ANEL with 6% (from 4.5%) and DIMAR with 3.5% (unchanged). About 9% of respondents chose other parties.

When asked who would win in the upcoming elections, about 55% of respondents answered SYRIZA (from 52% in January), while 31% who chose New Democracy (from 35%). The majority of respondents estimated that SYRIZA would win the elections “by a small margin”.

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