Ridiculous candidates

Ridiculous candidates | tovima.gr

The political parties in Greece have shrunk… They continually loose more of the influence they used to have; they do not have the money to make things happens and they have already collected in advance a large portion of the State subsidies; they have lost their credibility and are finding it incredibly difficult to be convincing; their so-called “partisan discipline” has – fortunately? – long eclipsed.

You need an example? Read about what happened a few days ago.

The leader called a female MP of his party to his office. She had already been informed on the subject of the conversation and attended with her… PR manager.

The conversation between the party leader and the… PR manager went smoothly! From the start the leader proposed that the MP should run for mayor.

She consistently remained silent and nodded to her escort to reply.

The PR manager gave a clear answer:

“The proposal is beneath her […], she cannot have Kasidiaris as an opponent…”

The discussion ended with the leader mumbling – it is not quite known what happened.

This story might be insignificant compared to what is going on these days, what with the municipal (local government) elections coming up. The party leaderships and all of the candidates are participating in this mockery of local government. Professional party members and opportunistic “politicians” are negotiating with leaders the possibility of changing sides, under the condition that the party they move to will support their candidacy for a specific municipality.

It is clear that in most cases the assumption of power as mayor is more or less equal to government powers. Many candidates are sensing a scent of power in the air – and everything the comes with a laid back management.

These “processes” test the parties. The observed ease of switching between parties and political formations increases the political uncertainty.

That is how we get back to the repeated electorate demand to know the precise program of all political parties, because we’ve had enough of sloganeering and vague announcements.

Those who have ears should listen.

Stavros P. Psycharis

-Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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