Editorial: Farcical parties and candidates

Editorial: Farcical parties and candidates | tovima.gr

The farcical developments in the candidacies for the upcoming local government elections clearly illustrate how beyond the financial crisis there is a deeper political crisis.

The disdain for the political system is a given and well-documented both in previous elections and recent polls. It is not coincidence that the most popular party is “undecided” and the most suitable politician for prime minister is “nobody”…

The parties that insist on the same old partisan recipes and schemes don’t seem to pick up on these signs of constant discontent and disdain.

They either recycle that same old tired faces, or resort to media-friendly shooting stars that quickly loose steam. Years ago, the late Melina Merkouri used to say that “we are not fancied anymore”, but these days the political leaders refuse to accept it, so consequently they resort to same murky, obsolete and tired faces that are unable to convince a single suspicious and skeptical audience.

After five years of a deep crisis and after having realized and universally acknowledged the inefficiencies of the political progeny or the various declined celebrities, despite the declarations of the political leaders, they do not understand the people’s worries and refuse to trust people with integrity and knowledge in local communities. They remain bound by political balances, exhaust themselves from electioneering and ultimately, they end up faced with even more resentment and disdain.

When society is literally screaming for a change in the political system, that it does not trust the tested and failed old time political games, even those who profess a new political morality recycle the same old outdated and unreliable model. Nevertheless, since the last municipal elections the people seem to prefer and trust people with ideas, knowledge, determination and without pressing partisan commitments. If they cannot understand now that the people are desperate to find a way out of the crisis, they will soon be wondering again why everyone is turning their back on them.


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