Farmer unions request meeting with Minister of Finances

The farmer unions have requested a meeting with the Minister of Finances and the political leaders to discuss their demands. The next few days will be critical in determining the future of the farmer strike, as unions begin talks and coordinate their road blocks.

The farmers at the road block in Nikea decided to call a nationwide assembly of farmer unionists and employees next Saturday in order improve coordination of road blocks and demands. A day earlier, KKE leader Dimitris Koutsoumpas will visit the road block in Nikea.

Meanwhile the farmers in Imathia are going to decide today about the future of their actions, while farmers from Naousa and Alexandria are already heading to the Kouloura junction. The farmers in Serres will decide on their future moves on Friday, but already seem prepared to participate in the strike actions.

The main farmer dispute is that they are not obliged to keep records of revenue and expenses and demand a number of tax breaks and benefits, ranging from establishing a non-taxable threshold for family income up to 20,000 (increased by 5,000 euros per child) to 30% haircuts of loans up to 200,000 euros and tax-free diesel.

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