The Police announced the arrest of a 41-year-old Russian man, for whom an international arrest warrant had been issued by the Russian Interpol in connection to a murder in Russia. According to the Russian authorities the 41-year-old man is believed to be a hit man and high-ranking member of the Russian mafia and was wanted for a number of murders.

The two Police forces exchanged information on the 41-year-old’s whereabouts, which lead to the Greek police locating him in Glyfada. During his stay in Greece, the 41-year-old hit man had been living a life of luxury, spending huge amounts of money and effort to avoid capture.

On Saturday the 41-year-old was arrested at the house he rented in Glyfada, along with two other Russian men, aged 32 and 44 years old respectively, who also resided there and now face charges of harboring a known criminal. Two 50-year-old expatriates are also wanted on similar charges.

During the investigation at the luxury house in Glyfada the police recovered a pistol with two fully-loaded clips of ammunition, a falsified Russian passport with the 41-year-old’s picture, a flick knife and two radio transmitters.