Counter-terrorism police re-arrests anarchist Kostas Sakkas

The counter-terrorism police have announced the arrest of anarchist Kostas Sakkas, in relation to the ongoing investigation and trial of the “Conspiracy of Fire Cells” (SPF) militant group. Earlier in the day he was taken to the courts and was given until Tuesday to prepare his plea .

According to the police, Sakkas’ fingerprints were identified in an apartment in Halandri that was allegedly used as a hideout by SPF. The fingerprints were recovered during the initial investigations in 2009, when the hideout was first-discovered, but have only just been identified.

Sakkas, who had gone on a a 38-day hunger strike earlier in the year due to the violation of his terms of detainment, was also arrested (and promptly released) after Christodoulos Xiros escaped earlier in January, as it was suspected that he had violated his bail.

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Helios Kiosk