Those without any solutions should leave!

Those without any solutions should leave! |

An old politician who dedicated his life to politics, but had philosophical outbursts, was once asked which scientists were better and more skilled; those with a European or an American education.

He responded that it is not so important where those with the ability to study in the top universities actually study, as much as where they decide to work after they complete their studies.

The old politician used to say that those who desire classical studies must study in Europe, while those interested in the Sciences must go to American universities. He also added that the biggest threat for Greece was for Greeks studying abroad to never return back to their homeland, as the country will lose the workforce upon which the hopes for its future are based.

Meanwhile, another Greek excelling at the time, Professor Michael Dertouzos (director of the Laboratory for Computer Science at the MIT, where the Internet was born), had come up with impressive solutions to the youth employment problem, which had already began emerging as a threat to the social fabric.

Both passed away too soon, without ever seeing a dramatic development in the youth employment problem, or the unemployment problem in general.

One in three Greeks in currently unemployed and one in two Greeks is prepared to move abroad in search for a job. The data published in the Sunday edition of To Vima regarding employment is revealing and should worry Society. It is also incomprehensible.

Those without any solutions should leave.

Stavros P. Psycharis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

Helios Kiosk