Editorial: Shed light on the bribes

Editorial: Shed light on the bribes | tovima.gr

The Akis Tsohatzopoulos story might have brought up an insane case of corruption, but the revelations regarding the former secretary of armaments Antonis Kantas suggest that the rings that benefited from the Armed Forces’ armament and supplies were much more extensive that previously imagined. After all, it was common knowledge that armament deals and bribery rings go hand-in-hand.

The latest revelations demonstrates that the situation was much worse that what was talked about, whether openly or in private. When Mr. Kantas admits that he was given 15 million euros to keep his mouth shut, one can begin to realize what sort of money changed hands.

There can be no doubt that the situation with the bribes in military supplies and armament deals have tarnished the political system, especially the parties that rose to power. Now that some of those implicated have started talking, it is a unique opportunity to clear out all the mess once and for all. Everyone who was involved, who put their hand in the cookie jar must be revealed and punished.

However high up in the ranks they may be, irrespective of their position and their capacity; whether it is politicians, officers in the Armed Forces or middle-men; it will be the least justice can do for the people who are suffering today and watch on as the Greek people’s money ends up in deposit boxes and off-shore accounts.

The bribery chapter must come to an end, once and for all. The plundering of public funds must come to an end. Hopefully the judicial investigation will shed light on the dark rings and identify those who squandered tens of millions for their personal benefit.

The political system has the responsibility and obligation to get rid of the scourge of corruption, by taking preventative measures against any such phenomena. It is high time the public supplies, especially the military’s armament deals, were not covered by a thick veil of secrecy in the name of so-called national security.

It is high time we established and implemented transparency and regulation, so that every single taxpayer can know where his money goes and to put an end to all those inconsiderate individuals who are willing to betray the people’s trust for 30 pieces of silver, among others…


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