Mayor of Piraeus bans food distribution “for Greeks only”

The Mayor of Piraeus Vasilis Michaloliakos decided to disallow Golden Dawn’s food distribution “for Greeks only” that was planned to take place on Saturday outside the newly-revamped Municipal Theater.

Mr. Michaloliakos contacted the Police Director of Piraeus to inform him that “some are planning to take advantage of human suffering and we would like to inform you that nobody has asked permission to occupy the space”, while clarifying that the municipality would never approve anything that would “put our suffering fellow men through such a shameful process”.

Furthermore the Mayor requested that police “take all necessary measures in order to deter any political parties, NGOs, factions and bodies from occupying public spaces, especially the Municipal Theater square, in order to stage a distribution ‘spectacle’ that is aimed at trivializing our fellow men”.

The Mayor’s full letter is available here.

Helios Kiosk