Koutsoumpas: «SYRIZA constantly changes opinions on bailout and debt»

The general secretary of KKE Dimitris Koutsoumpas gave an interview to Mega Channel, where he accused opposition leaders SYRIZA of constantly changing opinions regarding the bailout and debt and of being an “opportunist and adventurist party”. Mr. Koutsoumpas was critical of Mr. Tsipras candidacy for the European Commission presidency by explaining that the SYRIZA president claims to not recognize the Commission while running for president.

Furthermore, Mr. Koutsoumpas launched a scathing attack against a number of SYRIZA executive officers who “provocatively” have big bank accounts and stock portfolios. Mr. Koutsoumpas opined that further SYRIZA officers must be investigated, since it is a party that intends to govern.

Mr. Koutsoumpas also called for the people to not fall for Golden Dawn’s “trap of incorruptible politicians” and questioned the validity of their asset declarations: “How is it possible to have zero income for an entire year? They accuse everyone else of being lazy and that they are they only ones who work. How did they live? Who paid them, Michaloliakos and Zaroulia?”

The General Secretary of the Communist party commented on the recent scandal involving the former Minister of Transport Michalis Liapis and stated that “it is an unacceptable event”.

Helios Kiosk