Questionable tourist development plans in Kerkyra approved

According to a Presidential Decree that was published on Wednesday, the first “Special Scheme for Development of Public Property” of the Kassiopi in Kerkyra, has been approved and includes many provisions regarding construction and the use of the land. The development project, which is handled by TAIPED, has been condemned by the Municipality of Kerkyra, the Regional Administration of Ionian Islands, environmental groups and citizens for its detrimental impact on the environment.

The development plans provide 36,400 square meters of construction in about 500 acres of largely untouched, pristine land, with 7,280 square meters reserved for a hotel complex, summer homes, sports facilities, restaurants etc. The hotel will be constructed at least 50 meters from the shore, while the summer homes will be allowed within 30 meters.

While construction is excluded in a 265-acre forest zone, the decree allows the development of foot paths, the installation of wooden stands, the opening of roads and the necessary forest-fire protection measures. The decree also includes the necessary infrastructure provisions, including the creation of a local road network providing access to the nautical fort and the management of waste.

The “Erimitis” region on the island is considered to be amongst the most beautiful and picturesque areas, having largely remained untouched by tourist ventures. In the area there is a complex of three lakes (Vromolimno, Akoli and Savoura), the eldest lighthouse in Greece on the Kapareli island and secluded beaches only accessible on foot. The remote area has also acted as a sanctuary for many rare birds and mammals.

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