Editorial: Enough of the half measures and cut off electricity

Editorial: Enough of the half measures and cut off electricity | tovima.gr

It is inhuman and socially unacceptable for households in our country these days to lack such an essential commodity to survive, such as an electrical supply. The severe consequences of the crisis have driven a rather significant section of our society to poverty, unemployment and everything else comes with them and has an impact on their living conditions. Despite the problems, despite the limited resources, the state has a duty to ensure that these people have a bare minimum of human survival. Without delays or bureaucratic entanglements, it is imperative to take advantage of all available resources, primarily from the European social support programs to protect families that are suffering.

The proposed solution, of giving electricity to all those who are proven to be in a tight spot, is turning out to be anything but efficient and realistic. Passing on the responsibility to municipal authorities cannot be the solution to the problem. The mayors of Athens and Thessaloniki, the cities with the biggest problem, have already stated their inability to respond to the obligation because they do not have the necessary resources. With most municipalities in a dire financial state and short-staffed, it is clear that welfare politics are a pipe dream.

The state has a responsibility and duty to address this problem without passing on its liabilities. It is not DEI’s job to solve, as it already has huge deficits, nor is the job of the municipalities. What is needed is a plan and the political will to ensure that the necessary measures to protect to the vulnerable social groups are going to be efficient. There is no time for any further deals. We have mourned enough accidental victims due to tragic survival conditions. We must finally prove that as a state – primarily – and as a society we have not lost our humanity and spirit of solidarity.


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Helios Kiosk