The power grid in Santorini has not yet recovered, after an explosion and subsequent fire at a DEI generator on Tuesday afternoon caused an electricity black out.

DEI’s spokesperson Kimon Stergiotis attributed the new black out to “an unexpected capacitor failure”. The Minister of the Interior Yannis Michelakis and the Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni are to visit the island, at the behest of the Prime Minister.

According to DEI’s report, the first black out on Tuesday was caused by a malfunction in one of DEI’s generators. The ensuing fire caused further to the other generator in the power plant. The airport was unaffected, as it has its own generators.

The Hellenic Navy immediately arranged to transport generators from Rhodes, Crete and Paros, however the problems still persist. The mayor of the island Anastasios-Nikolaos Zorzos commented that he intends of pressing charges against everyone responsible.

Mr. Zorzos explained that while his municipality has done everything in its power to mediate the situation, at the height of the tourist season, he was disappointed by DEI falling back on its timetable.