GPS used to combat fuel smuggling

The government’s plan to tackle fuel smuggling is slowly beginning to be implemented. So far funding has been secured for the system monitoring the inflow/outflow volume at fuel stations.

These monitors will be connected to the General Secretariat of Information Systems on line and relay data on the supply (inflow) and sale (outflow) of fuel. The relevant legislation will soon be voted so that the monitoring system is extended to fuel deals along the entire chain of supply.

The government has plans of installing a GPS monitoring system on fuel trucks and shipping tankers. The detailed plan will be ready by the end of June. The Ministry of Finances will issue decree for the creation of GPS monitoring centers, while another will define qualitative details of the various systems used to monitor and safeguard the transport of fuel.

The Ministry of Finances has also launched a competition for the laboratory evaluation of methods and detection equipment of fuel tracers. Greece is one of two EU countries (Ireland being the other) which has implemented such a system, which can safeguard the market from fuel smuggling and contaminations.

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