Will it last? For how long?

Will it last? For how long? | tovima.gr

Many ask what the fate and future of this new government will be.

There can be no safe answer, nor can anyone make any predictions with certainty.

The signs are not looking that promising. The government came out of necessity, emerging from the political crisis triggered by the ERT crisis, esoteric compromises and balances of the government partners.

It was set up overnight and neither the Prime Minister, nor the president of PASOK had the time to make the appropriate decisions, in response to the times, special circumstances and needs in the country.

That is how we ended up with a heterogeneous and disorderly government. It has two main axes, but it missing pretty much everything else.

It is obvious that there is problem, that it won’t take much to topple it like a house of cards.

There is a funding gap looming and the budget estimations seem to be undervalued.

In the second half of the year everything could collapse; the insurance funds cannot collect and increasingly need more funding, the public subsidies are not enough, healthcare costs skyrocket and there aren’t enough funds to cover the costs of fire protection.

The government is walking on a tightrope and the people can sense the escalating decline of public goods.

If the pressure increases and the new Minister of Administrative Reform wants to adopt a neoliberal outlook, according to his own beliefs and the troika demands, it will not take long for a mistake similar to the one made with ERT to happen.

Danger lurks right around the corner and it is capable of upsetting everything and everyone, as we have recently witnessed.

If the pressure increases, it doesn’t look like the government will last.

In other words, the signs aren’t promising.

The two basic axes must mobilize all of their available forces and skills in order to make this government efficient and long-lasting. Otherwise we will calculate its life in trimesters.

Antonis Karakousis

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