Editorial: A plan with a future

Editorial: A plan with a future | tovima.gr

The first step in dealing with the crisis troubling the government was taken last night. Now the three leaders must come to a comprehensive agreement, for the future of public television and the future of the government itself. Neither the country nor the economy can stand another extension of this crisis.

The three leaders have the obligation and responsibility to come to a viable and functional solution, for setting up the government and its goals. The objections and differences must end now and give way to cooperation and action. It is time for a fresh start, without competitiveness, inflated egos and pointless conflict. Any political differences must be set aside and give way to a new political convergence and a recovery plan for the government and country.

It is high time the government began operating with a much-needed strategy, with respect to the institutions and parliamentary rules. The political leaders’ private meetings must give way to the institutional operation of government, to act collectively, responsibly and with determination; for a government with Ministers who will not hesitate to see through with the changes and interventions that the economy and government needs, rather than forwarding agents of pre-decided measures and decisions.

Everyone must realize that there is no time to waste. Nor should we have a repeat of today’s conflict in a few weeks. The three government partners must finally put an end to the uncertainty and insecurity, to guarantee a path of stability and consistency. They took upon the great responsibility to lead the country out of the crisis and now they must follow through with that responsibility. They cannot and have no right to run away…


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