Editorial: The clash

Editorial: The clash | tovima.gr

Since 2009 Greece has found itself trapped between consecutive waves of financial and political crises.

The inability to tackle the huge financial problems at times spreads the crisis to the realm of politics.

The politicians, the managers of the financial crisis are constantly faced with hard dilemmas, they have to bear the cost, their credibility is wasted and soon they are worn out and scorned.

The lack of credibility has an automatic impact on their actions, the expected results never come and so the financial crisis returns, more intense than before.

The worst economy requires new political powers and even when they do appear, unprepared as they are, they are lost in this vicious cycle.

That is pretty much why the crisis will not end. It drains the people, betrays their trust and creates an environment of constant retreat.

It is obvious that the vicious cycle of politics and economy will exhaust everything and the country will be lost.

Only a crucial and decisive clash can break this problematic cycle.

Anyone who can guarantee that it will be redeeming, is more than welcome.


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