Editorial: Geopolitical games against Greece

Editorial: Geopolitical games against Greece | tovima.gr

The Russian absence from the DEPA and DESFA sale might have surprise many – perhaps even the government – but for those watching closely there was considerable chance of that occurring. From Sunday ‘Vima’ had already written about the underground power games which had created a negative climate for Russian investments in the Greek energy market. Yesterday’s development simply confirmed that our country remains one of the weakest links, in the greater geopolitical and energy games that are being played out in our region.

It has been known for some time that both the European Union and the USA objected to the ever-increasing presence of the Russians in Europe. The European committee on competition and monopolistic practices is closely monitoring Russian energy giant Gazprom. The pressure succeeded in putting off the Russian firm, despite the interest expressed in the past. Perhaps the Russians divd that there is no reason for them to jeopardize their relations with Europe and the USA over such a small market like Greece… Proving once more that what matters in bilateral state relations is not cooperation or traditional bonds of friendship, but financial interests…

Our European partners haven’t acted any different. While they put the pressure on for quick privatizations, they interfere when they feel that the sale of a Greek business does not comply with their greater geopolitical plans. Because it is obvious that the failure to privatize DEPA and DESFA wasn’t down to any errors or mistakes from the Greek side, but the behind-the-scenes reactions of the European partners at the presence of Russian interests in a critical aspect of the economy.

This development obviously hinders Greece’s efforts to achieve the goals set by our lenders. Despite the difficulties though, the government is obliged to react so as to avoid burdening the people with the fiscal shortfall that might arise from the delays in privatizations. We have paid dearly for our mistakes, let us not pay for the geopolitical games of our partners…


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