ELSTAT: Greek unemployment rises to 26.8% in March

Greek statistics authority ELSTAT released its divs for March and noted that unemployment rose to 26.8%, compared to a 26.7% unemployment rate in February 2013 and 22.2% in March 2012. ELSTAT also corrected its February estimation to26.7% from the previously announced 27%.

ELSTAT also documented that 3,580,680 people were employed, compared to 1,309,071 unemployed and 3,379,478 economically non-active (such as children, elderly etc).

The data shows that since March 2012 a total of 245,949 have lost their jobs, marking a 6.4% overall reduction, while 6,697 lost their jobs in February (0.2% reduction).

Furthermore, the ELSTAT data indicates that the ranks of the unemployed rose by 215,735 since March 2012 (+19.7) and 4,626 since February 2013 (0.4%).

Similarly, the data showed that there was 0.7% increase (23,661) of the economically non-active population since March 2012 and a 0.3% increase (9,074) since February 2013.

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