Food Authority fines 166 businesses

The Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) has imposed 919,500 euros worth of fines on 166 food businesses during the first four months of 2013.

Specifically on the 29th of January EFET fined 26 businesses 106,500 euros, including super markets, a hotel, a creamery and catering businesses. On the 12th of February EFET imposed 149,500 euros worth of fines on 39 businesses, while on the 7th of March 55 businesses were fined 319,000 euros. On the 3rd of April EFET imposed 344,500 euros’ worth of fines on 46 businesses.

The fines are mostly about the possession and distribution of unsafe or unsuitable for human consumption food products, adulterated food products and food products not complying to the relevant suitability legislation. Other fines were also imposed about deceiving customers, lacking appropriate operating permits and insufficient hygiene and health insurance provisions.

The full details of the fines imposed are available here.

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