Ministry of Shipping and Municipality of Salamina battle over ferries

The deadline set by the Ministry of Shipping for the Salamina joint venture to submit certificates for the insurance coverage of the ferry boats on the Perama – Paloukia and Faneromeni – Perama lines. The Ministry does not have any intention of granting an extension and appears determined to allow a different company to take up the shipping route.

The Municipality of Salamina has called an emergency Municipal Council meeting in order to discuss “the immediate dangers of upcoming isolation of Salamina on Tuesday 14/5/2013”. In their letter they accuse the ferry boat companies for passing on the extra insurance charges to their customers rather than complying with regulations.

According to the letter issued, the “Minister of Shipping and the relevant ministerial technocrats were unable during the negotiations to provide a mediating and reliable solution at the risk of the island’s isolation”. The Municipality of Salamina further explains that the Ministry focused on the value of insurance premiums, rather than finding a solution to benefit the social and financial life of the islanders.

Helios Kiosk