Opposition leader Alexis Tsipras appears to be focused on SYRIZA’s European perspective, by officially distancing from AKEL’s suggestion for a Cypriot exit from the Euro.

Following a series of discussions over the past few days, SYRIZA’s press representative Panos Skourletis announced that the fight against the crisis is only possible within the Eurozone.

Mr. Skourletis explained that SYRIZA “stands in solidarity to the struggles of the Cypriot people and AKEL against the politics of austerity and bailouts, which impoverish people and deconstruct Europe”.

According to Mr. Skourletis “For SYRIZA, the common struggles of the European people, the alliance in the South are necessary prerequisites to change the situation in Europe and to claim a socially just exit from the crisis, within the Eurozone, without bailouts and troikas, in a Europe of democracy, solidarity and social cohesion”.