PASOK allegedly spent autistic charity fund on election campaign

PASOK allegedly spent autistic charity fund on election campaign |


The president of the national federation for autistic’s rights (EODAF) I. Stavropoulos claimed in Parliament that during PASOK’s tenure, the government spent 35 million euros worth of EU funds, via the Ministry of Education.

Mr. Stavropoulos was addressing a Parliamentary subcommittee about the rights of disabled people when he claimed that the funds meant for training autistic children was transformed into election appointments and favors, by the then leadership of the Ministry of Education.

Specifically Mr. Stavropoulos clams that the 35 million euros became 6 hours of training with unsuitable educators, instead of 1,200 hours of training with psychologists, professors and teachers who have experience with autism. Mr. Stavropoulos backed up his claims with a document signed by 8,162 parents and specialists that was sent to the Prime Minister, while also reporting the repression these children experienced from their teachers.

PASOK MP Evi Christofilopoulou, who was Deputy Minister of Education during said period, complained and expressed her “anger and outrage”, before departing the session. She also mentioned that the substitute teacher tables cannot be violated and that “parallel support began with our efforts”.

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