The committee monitoring the budget convened this morning at the Ministry of Finances, with the Minister G. Stournaras and Deputy Ministers Ch. Staikouras and G. Mavraganis. The main topic was the observing the budget.

A senior executive commented that “not one euro for outstanding debt of the state towards private citizens will be paid, unless the Ministry of Finances is certain that no new outstanding debts are created”. The executive also explained that ministries will only receive the money they have agreed to in the previous memoranda, with limits set up to avoid overspending.

The same executive also stated that so far, data indicates that the cost is being reduced, as are the state’s outstanding debts “which demonstrates that the budget is doing alright”.

On Thursday Mr. Staikouras is expected to announce the sums that have been paid out to the beneficiaries of outstanding state debts, in the region of 9.3 billion euros, prolonging the recession.