Dora Bakoyanni has finally been acquitted of “inaccurate property declaration” by the Council of Appeal Courts. The case involved the sum of 1 million dollars, which her husband Isidoros Kouvelos had not declared in 2011. Mr. Kouvelos had traded in shares in the USA and then transferred the money to the UK for the purposes of building a ship.

The issue was brought up after Panagiotis Nikoloudis, head of the authority investigating money laundering, reported the matter to the relevant Parliamentary Committee. The Council of Appeal Courts put a final stop to the case, as Mr. Kouvelos had already been found innocent of abetting false property statement.

It is reminded that Mrs. Bakoyanni had requested that her parliamentary immunity be rescinded, so that the case may be thoroughly examined without leaving any doubt. Mrs. Bakoyanni’s statement can be found here.