Despite the protests outside the EDSNA offices, legal action and walkouts by local government (POE-OTA), those interested in waste management facilities in Attica, can still submit their proposal offer.

On Tuesday the proposals are for the Ano Liosia factory. The Municipality of Fyli has called its citizens and municipal bodies to protest the creation of two factories on the municipality’s borders.

At the same time Fyli Mayor D. Mpouraimis is appealing to the Council of State and European bodies, over the construction of factories in Ano Liosia and Fyli. The former Mayor of Keratea St. Iatrou is also initiating legal proceedings over the construction of a factory in Keratea. After the rejection of his claim, he referred the Committee to article 152, which will determine the merits of the appeals. In case this does not work, the next step is appealing to the Council of State.

POE-OTA has announced a walkout between 10am and 1pm, asking employees to demonstrate outside EDSNA offices so that “the plans that only target the financial misery of citizens and the environmental destruction of Attica”.