Former members of Pavlos Kammenos’ Independent Greeks (ANEL) party have decided to establish «Greek Initiative», a political forum. Former New Democracy (ND) MPs Ch. Zois, I. Manolis, I. Kourakos, M. Giannakis and D. Stamatis are expected to participate. Ultimately, the think tank is to turn into a political party appealing to the patriotic centre and populist right.

At the moment there is no clear leader div, however Mr. Zois is considered the likeliest to assume the role as Mr. Markopoulos is not participating at present. It is surprising that Mr. Markopoulos published an article in “Eleftheros Typos” with positive references to New Democracy, despite being overtly critical of his former party as of late.

Mr. Markopoulos doesn’t feel that there is a demand for a new party, hence to “living space”. Mr. Zois conversely believes that in radical action, necessitating the creation of an anti-memorandum right-wing party. Both politicians have expressed different perspectives on the matter; following discussions, contrary to Mr. Zois, Mr. Markopoulos feels the political discussion must extend beyond a “memorandum-antimemorandum” dilemma.