The bus drivers have organized a conference at the SEF stadium, to discuss future actions, as well as their participation in the 24-hour public transportation strike that has been announced for Thursday next week. The Panhellenic Federation of Workers (POS) will participate in the strike, namely employees in OSE and suburban rail.

The bus drives note that they are prepared to star “a substantive and honest dialog” with the government and Road Transports (OSY) management on “the future of public transport and new Collective Labor Agreements”, without demanding they be excluded from the unified payroll.

The president of OSY Giannis Economou commented in a radio interview on Vima 99.5 that they “expect the drivers’ decision by noon, the same with trolley employees and bus technicians”.

The government is also pleased with the developments, expressing relief at electric subway, OSE and bus technicians returning to their job posts and hopeful that bus drivers will follow suit. The government in any case has made it clear that “there is no way the laws will not be applied”.

GSEE has demanded that the PM and ministers discuss Collective Labor Agreements with the unions, in order to find a solution to the “serious, devastating and contradictory problems created by the uniform payroll” in public transport.