The Ministry of National Defense will donate seven acres of land and two building from the Pavlos Melas army base in Thessaloniki to the General Secretariat of Culture, in order to house antiquities uncovered from the Metro digging. The buildings will serve as storage and maintenance workshops.

The donation was made possibly after the general secretaries of the ministries of Growth, National Defense and Culture discussed options with the heads of the Third Army Corps, local government and antiquity inspectors. The deal will be formalized later this week.

The Metro line will terminate at the army base, so it will be easy for citizens and tourists to visit the new museum, which is expected to contribute towards the development of the city’s western district.

The Central Archeological Council recently decided upon moving to safer place the Byzantine-era findings such as a 75-meter Roman marble-paved road and 23,000 other objects which were uncovered about 8 meters beneath the “Venizelos” station.

A few days ago a gold wreath was discovered, the ninth, in an ancient cemetary to the west of the city’s north port. The golden wreath, which was found in a female grave, represents olive branches and originates from the end of 4th, early 3rd century BC.