Mayor of Athens G. Kaminis had an exchange of words with Golden Dawn municipal councilor G, Voulvis (standing in for party leader N. Michaloliakos), during a discussion about the increase in racist violence. All political parties apart from Golden Dawn condemned the lethal stabbing of a 27-year-old Pakistani immigrant in Petralona. One of the two arrested was found to be a Golden Dawn supporter.

Councilor Nikos Sofianos explained that despite announcements for the creation of special Police units for dealing with racially-motivated crimes, when immigrants go to police stations to report attacks and do not have legal documents, they are arrested to be deported and the attacks are ignored.

Mr. Voulvis claimed that Golden Dawn is being target and in an off-microphone moment, commented “We will not confess out love to immigrants”. He also spoke derogatory of councilors of other parties and continually interrupted the Mayor from summing up the causes of violence.

While Mr. Voulvis continued interrupting and commenting, Mr. Kaminis asked for his removal from the meeting. The Golden Dawn councillor stood up and challenged the Mayor, while three other people sitting near Mr. Voulvis yelled abuse at the Mayor, before departing.