The conflict continues between PASOK and SYRIZA regarding the admission of E. Venizelos that he kept copies of top secret documents.

From his stand, the PASOK leader stated “Do I not have digital copies of the country’s defensive plans from my tenure at the MoD? Of course I do. How is it possible I don’t? How did I go to NATO? How did I go to the EU?” Mr. Venizelos, later claimed that military magazines and web sites have more accurate information than what Ministers of Defense are provided with, suggesting that the country’s security and the confidentiality of defense plans was not breached.

In response, SYRIZA MP Thodoris Dritsas addressed the Minister of National Defense P. Panagiotopoulos, regarding the safety of the country’s defense plans. Mr. Dritsas also questioned the ownership entitlement of government officials. He also asked the Minister whether he agrees with Mr. Venizelos, if he is covering PASOK’s president and why he remains silent.