The Minister of Growth, Competition, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Kostis Hatzidakis will meet with EU commissioners on Tuesday and Wednesday, in order to discuss the restart of building high-ways.

On Tuesday Mr. Hatzidakis will meet the Michel Barnier, the Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, whereas on Wednesday he is to meet the commissioners for Competition Joachim Almunia, Peripheral Politics Johannes Hahn and European Commission Vice-President (and Commissioner for Transport) Sim Kallas.

The Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has prioritized the development of national projects through EU funds, as well as prompt privatizations. In an extended meeting on Monday, the PM asked for the better cooperation between ministries and agencies, in order to achieve the intended goals.

Following the meeting, Mr. Hatzidakis commented that the PM is “personally overlooking matters regarding investments, taking advantage of Public Property and Privatizations”.