The employees in public transport are continuing with their struggle, reacting against their induction in the uniform payroll. The union of Metro employees has decided to continue with its strike for the fifth day running. The tram and electric rail will only operate between 8am and 4pm.

For Tuesday, the 22nd of January, the Metro, electric rail and tram will not operate between 12 noon and 4pm. Sources from the Ministry of Transport were adamant that despite the workers’ right to strike, “the law will be applied, in all cases without exception”.

The General Secretary f the Ministry of Transport N. Stathopoulos spoke to Vim 99.5 FM about the current strikes, insisting that only a “minority” of employees are on strike. Regarding the general strike of 20th December, only 10% of Tram employees and 40% of Metro employees participated.

Mr. Stathopoulos stressed that the government will resort to the courts to ensure the operation of transportation. He also pointed out that talks have been honest, but that the government can’t do otherwise as it has voted the law and is therefore obliged to follow it.

Mr. Stathopoulos also denied union claims of 50% wage cuts. “The law restricts any cut to 25%. 50% is not accurate in any case”.