The two financial prosecutors heading the “Lagarde List” have begun investigating the involvement of non-political divs. A lawyer, who worked as an assistant for Mr. Diotis during his tenure as head of SDOE, has been summoned to testify as a suspect.

The lawyer’s name and involved became known when Mr. Diotis was explaining the course of action he took when dealing with the “Lagarde List”. In his written statement, Mr. Diotis explains that he asked the lawyer to help make a copy of the USB flash drive the Minister of Finances G. Papakonstantinou had given him. Mr. Diotis also stated that he asked his assistant to buy a USB flash drive herself.

Mr. Diotis also explained that after examining the file, he placed the flash drive in an envelope and asked the lawyer how he could permanently erase the data, which he did immediately.