For the second year in a row, Hellastat noted a decline in the demand for private healthcare. The crisis is largely held t be responsible for people seeking health service in the public sector, where costs are much lower. Hellastat reveal statistics indicating that lab exams for public services increased by 18%, while hospital visits by 22%

In January the National Organization for Health Services (EOPPY) signed an agreement with all private diagnostic centers so that their insured customers can get a 15% discount from exams. They also abolished the limit for number of exams performed by each centre/

The biggest issue, according to Hellastat, is the reduced cash flow due to delayed collection from the public funds and the heinous bank funding. EOPPY owes approximately 650 million euros towards diagnostic centers for the 2007–2011 period, with another 120 million for 2012. Furthermore, the government bonds that diagnostic centers are being paid with are expected to have a low value for at least 15 years.

The cumulative work cycle of Hellastat’s sample was estimated at 363 million, with 70% of companies reporting reduced revenues. Profits before taxes were down by 20.3%, compared to 6.4% after taxes.