After long discussions, the Parliamentary Assembly finally decided upon the particulars of the preliminary committee to investigate the possible criminal liability of politicians in the “Lagarde List” scandal. The three government parties have decided upon three consecutive votes (as many as the proposals), with seven ballot boxes total.

The three votes would take place on Thursday. The first vote would have one ballot box for former Minister of Finances G. Papakonstantinou. The second vote, based on SYRIZA’s proposal, would follow with two ballot boxes for G. Papakonstantinou and E. Venizelos. For the third vote, as proposed by Independent Greeks and supported by Golden Dawn, there would be four ballot boxes.

SYRIZA reacted to the decision and requested an audience with Parliament President Meimarakis. SYRIZA maintains that the secrecy of voting is at risk, insisting that there should be four ballot boxes per political div indicted, with their alternative involving one ballot box with four ballots containing the names and crimes.

Ultimately though, SYRIZA fears that the “the intention of the government and Mr. Samaras personally is to do everything to cover up the Lagarde List case, by showing solidarity to Mr. Venizelos”. The Opposition party characteristically states that “the more the ballots increase, the further away people are from the truth”.

The Communist Party also reacted to the Assembly decision, stressing that not having four ballots “will mean that the so-called Lagarde List case is being covered up”. They urged the Chair of Parliament to “claim their responsibilities” and for every party to “not go along with this unacceptable approach” which ultimately aims to “control any leaks and entails the danger of nobody being indicted”.